Here you will find everything you need to use Mister Wong more conveniently. Whether it's a toolbar for Firefox or buttons for the blog, Mister Wong has everything you need.

Wong Firefox Toolbar

The Mister Wong Toolbar for Firefox offers you two small buttons, which will make bookmarking more convenient. With the buttons you can bookmark websites to Mister Wong, go straight to your bookmarks or other Mister Wong pages.

Install Toolbar

Mister Wong Firefox Toolbar

The toolbar offers you two settings for bookmarking. One option, which will forward you to a separate page to bookmark. The other option is a pop-up. To chose your settings on Firefox go to Tools > Add-ons. Choose the Mister Wong Toolbar and click on Options. The setting "Show bookmark dialogue as pop-up" determines how the bookmark dialogue will be viewed.

Bookmarklets for other browsers

Bookmarking web pages with Mister Wong is easy. If you are using Chrome, Safari, Opera, or another similar web browser, simply drag and drop the link below to your browser’s toolbar to create a bookmark button. Every time you come across an interesting website, simply click this button to bookmark it with your Mister Wong account.

Click the text link below, keep the mouse button pressed, and drag the link into the toolbar area of your browser:

Bookmark site

My Favorites

Mister Wong

Bookmark buttons for Internet Explorer

The "Wong it!" button helps you bookmark a site to Mister Wong. You just add the tags and save, and you'll be back to the original site. It only interrupts you surfing briefly, but you'll have the website bookmarked by Mister Wong, and it will be available to you anytime and from anywhere!

Mister Wong with Internet Explorer

Install buttons

Wong button for Blog or Website

You can integrate the Mister Wong button into your blog or website, so your visitors can add you directly to their Mister Wong Bookmarks.

Add this page to Mister Wong

More Wong buttons

For this purpose use the following source text:

Wong Widgets, Gadgets & Plugins

With the "Mister Wong Widget" for Mac OS X and the "Mister Wong Gadget" for Windows Vista, you always have the newest trends and all your favorite sites available on your dashboard, without a browser and ideal for bookmark zapping.

Every 6 hours a new featured site, 7 days a week.

Download Wong Mac Mini Widget
Download Wong Vista Mini Gadget

Add Netvibes Plugin to your Netvibes Homepage

Add Pageflakes Plugin to your Pageflakes Homepage

Add the iGoogle Plugin to your Google Homepage

"Add to Mister Wong" - Plugin for Wordpress

If you use the WordPress blog system, you can install the Mister Wong WordPress plugin. It pastes a link at the end of your entries, so that your visitors can add it directly to Mister Wong.
You can also customize the look of the link.

Download WordPress plugin

Mister Wong WordPress Plugin

Wongroll - Plugin for Wordpress

With the Wong Roll you can display your personal bookmarks in your weblog.
You just need to download the plugin and copy it into the plugin folder "wp-content/plugins".

Finally the plugin needs to be activated in the administration menu "Plugins" in Wordpress.
After that you will receive a Wong Roll page in the navigation under "Plugins" -> "Mister Wong Roll" where you can apply the range of settings.

Download Wong Roll

Wong Roll for all other blog systems and websites:

The Wong Roll for all other sites functions according to platform, and can therefore be used by anyone who owns a website. Embedding is performed in 3 steps:
  1. 1. Choose the design of your Wong Roll
  2. 2. Click the button "Generate code"
  3. 3. Embed HTML code into the appropriate area of your website.
Click here to set up your Wong Roll!

Wong tagcloud for your page

With the Mister Wong search plugin you can integrate the Mister Wong search into your Firefox browser.

Mister Wong Firefox search plugin

Install Search Plugin

Bookmark by Mail

Bei Mister Wong kannst du auch Bookmarks per E-Mail erstellen. Sende dazu einfach eine Mail an mit im Betreff den Titel der Website und in der Mail an erster Stelle die URL.

Im Anschluß bekommst du von Mister Wong eine Bestätigungsmail. Deine erste Mail an dient der Server-Freischaltung deines Mail-Providers, wodurch das Bookmarken per Mail erst aber der zweiten Mail funktioniert.

Folgende Parameter sind optional:

<desc kommentar>
Dieser Parameter fügt deinem Bookmark einen Kommentar hinzu. Beispiel: <desc Social Information Dienst>

<tags tag1 tag2 tag3>
Mit diesem Parameter vergibst du deine Tags. Beispiel: <tags socialmedia internet wong>

Dein Bookmark wird öffentlich angezeigt, wenn du diesen Parameter einsetzt. Sonst ist dein Bookmark privat.

Lass dir direkt eine erstellen.

Beispiel für eine vollständige Mail:

Betreff: Mister Wong Startseite
Mail Body:
<desc Mister Wong Startseite>
<tags mister wong startseite bookmarks>